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Esther Ka Wai WONG, Executive Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Wong is a co-founder of Bull Capital Partners, having joined in December, 2007. She is responsible for the overall operation of Bull Capital Partners, including internal controls, risk management, compliance, investor relations and financial management. Ms. Wong has 26 years' combined experience in the securities, underwriting and placing of equities and equity-linked products and the fund management industry.

Prior to joining Bull Capital Partners, Ms. Wong was the Co-Head of Regional Equity Capital Markets-Asia of BNP Paribas Capital (Asia Pacific) Limited in Hong Kong

Ms. Wong commenced her career in the securities industry in 1992 when she first joined Peregrine Securities Limited. With the expansion of the Pan-Asia equity capital market activities, Ms. Wong was assigned to join Peregrine Capital Limited shortly thereafter. In 1995, Ms. Wong helped found the Equity Capital Markets, Asia division of the BNP Paribas Peregrine Group which handled a diverse range of securities offerings in the Hong Kong, mainland Chinese and other Asian markets.

Ms. Wong was promoted to the role as Co-Head of Regional Equity Capital Markets-Asia in 2004. She is well-versed in all aspects of equity capital markets execution, including syndication, marketing, documentation and settlement. Ms. Wong received a Bachelor degree of economics from Macquarie University.


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