This website, www.bullcp.com, is the one and only official and valid website of Bull Capital Partners Ltd. and its subsidiaries. Our Group has never used or endorsed the use of any other domain name nor any email address not bearing the domain "@bullcp.com". Our authorized offices are as listed on our Contact Us page on this website.

It has been brought to our attention that persons unconnected with and unrelated to the Group have held themselves out without any authorisation or permission from us as our representatives or officers, using our brand name "雄牛资本", “Bull Capital Partners” or “Bull Capital Partners Ltd.” in some cases and purportedly giving instructions for and on our behalf. Through associating themselves with us, they conducted sales activities of financial products, using internet websites or mobile applications ("APP") resembling ours. We condemn such actions and hereby alert all users that we have never authorized any person, company or entity to engage in any such sales or activities for or on our behalf. Neither do we play any part in any of the financial products promoted. We have never endorsed the use of any other internet websites or APPs or the use of our name or brand. We are not, and will not, be responsible for any losses whatsoever and howsoever suffered or for any other consequences that may result from these actions.

You should be highly vigilant against any such acts and related websites, APP, financial products purportedly relating to or done for or in association with "雄牛资本", "Bull Capital Partners" or "Bull Capital Partners Ltd.".